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Author: Daniel from France

Good stuff and a good price for what it does. However, this does not increase semen volume. Only taste.

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Author: Rhyse from Edmonton

Man this stuff is great. I don't know what I would do without it spicing up the bedroom. I wonder if there's a product for my girlfriend to make her taste the same then we could have a "fruit salad" hehehe

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Author: Keerak from Ontario

How long does it take to start working? Im hearing almost immediately, I'm hearing several months. I just want to know how much I should put into this before I see improvement.

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Author: Brandon from Indiana

Yo i dunno why everyone talkin bout this stuff making yer rope taste better or anything. I don't notice a difference any. Nothing at all changed wif me.

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Author: Cameron from Utah

Wow. Who knew my semen could smell like I got orange blasted. That's nuts Im hooked.

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Author: Peter from United Kingdom

Like a lotta guys I thought this stuff increased volume. but it ended up in my favor anyways because it actually made things taste better. At least thats what my lady friend says.

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Author: Chuck from Tingle, NV

Honestly, when you use this product in combination with a volume enchancer, it makes things UNGODLY. Which is why I endorse it becuase its certainly made things a lot different, and exciting, in the bedroom.

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Author: Brett from Michigan

Ohhh MAN. I love this stuff. My partner and I are really enjoying it. Im not gonna go into details, but this stuff makes things better.

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Author: Quincy from SemEnhance forum

Package arrived late, and was dented on one side of the packaging when I got it, with a weird film over it. I'd rate it lower, but I took a leap of faith and used it, and it worked actually really well. Would purchase again but please clean up wherever these are being stored.

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Author: Baxton from Minneapolis

Not a bad product actually. Girlfriend says it tastes kind of fruity now whenever she goes down on me. Makes her stick around down there longer too.

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Author: Markhal from Ohio

I bought this thinking it would increase the volume of my semen. BUT, I guess it only enhances the flavor. Which isn't bad. Wrong product, but it works out, all the same, to make my intimate time with the wife better.

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