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Author: Lucas from Semaxin Forum

I tried it for the first time and the effect was so amazing. No side effects, little bit expensive but very effective.

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Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

Semaxin is an excellent medication for sexual health.

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Author: Anonymous from India

I am just 30 year old and my biggest problem was small orgasm, effects of semaxin is awesome and worth it to improve orgasms

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Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

Its a great pill to cure infertility. I had this problem but its cured now thanks

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Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

I was amazed after the use of semaxin. It does not only improve your erection but help to make orgasms far more intense!

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Author: liamredde from Semaxin Forum

Works OK, but way too expensive, not worth it!

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Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

Regarding the effect: I do notice an increase in bloodflow and a better ejaculations using the pills. A side-effect I have noticed is that my nose clogs up so I seem like I have a cold for an hour or so after taking one pill. No other side effects.

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Author: Sabin from Semaxin Forum

Semaxin worked amazingly. Kept getting me hard for almost 4 days and I felt huge! Could last longer the first time, then was hard and ready again in minutes. The second time lasted forever. Well worth it to me!

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Author: Azul from Semaxin Forum

This is actually a really good supplement. I take 2 times a day. It actually also helps my erection problem.

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Author: Anonymous from Ryne

Until last year I was never able to get it up with a woman even once (I'm 38), I had Semaxin. Now I can basically get it up every time with different women.

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Author: Max from Thiland

Would I be able to get this at a pharmacy in thailand? I will be all over south east Asia soon.

Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

no. I'm sure Semaxin ships to Thailand

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Author: Johnsilva from Semaxin Forum

It's a bit expensive but it's definitely one of the best sperm pills I've had the privilege of using.

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Author: Liam from Semaxin Forum

Good stuff. Stimulating, mood lift, overall boosted sexual desire.

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Author: Noah from Semaxin Forum

I just love this product its faster and strongest but have heard Semenax is a bit different and has its own unique benefits. Mainly hearing how Semaxin is more stimulating/energizing while Semenax is better for libido.

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Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

I've tried Semax as well Semenax. It does the same things as the other ones, but more so, it hits faster.

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Author: Jacob from United States

Semenax Vs Volume Pills ? which is better ?

Author: Alex from Semaxin Forum

both have same features they stood out as top sexual performance. I've used both there's nothing special on them

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Author: johnbelley from United States

hi guys i am new here and newbie to test them anybody can tell how these pills works ?

Author: Anonymous from Semaxin Forum

It can helps you get stronger and longer lasting orgasm, they create powerful erections, they're good for libido and sexual performance you should try it!

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Author: Adam from Semaxin Forum

Semaxin are great pills that I recommend them if you want to have better sex!

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