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Author: Anonymous from Australia

Can you take this with volume pills?

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Author: Marilyn from MA

Im going to try and be as frank, and direct as possible for potential customers of this product in the future. I don't know if it was this product or not that helped me get pregnant with my husband. But I can't in good conscious give it a ranking lower than 3, because even if it doesn't work. The fact that my husband believed it would was what kept our marriage going.

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Author: Confused? from FertilAid for Men forum

I don't understand why everyone is praising this stuff. I've been using it for a while and I feel I've just wasted my money. Its starting to feel like it's a placebo, and nothing more. For the people that did have luck conceiving, there wasn't anything wrong with you to begin with.

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Author: HappyDad from Utah

It's a boy! Thanks FertilAid! If it wasn't for this stuff I wouldn't be making a family!

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Author: Daniel from Ohio

Im gonna share my experiences here. Pros - Helped with libido because I thought I was gonna get wife pregnant - Tastes decent. Cons - Libido is nice, but we're trying to conceive. Im going to keep trying, because the side effects are nice, and I'll update in a while if it shows any improvement.

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Author: Sillybear from FertilAid for Men forum

Is this safe to take with fertility drugs that the wife is taking? Because Im taking them to help conceive with my husband, but I don't want an octomom situation where I end up with like 12 kids popping out of me. I just want a child.

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Author: Jane from FertilAid for Men forum

We have been trying for a year, six months of my husband taking this and we're pregnant. I can't say for sure if this is why but I definitely think it helped!

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Author: Jenine from Wisconsin

I don't know where to accurately put this but I guess this place is better than nothing. I don't know if my husband needed this really, or not. And he'd be upset if I shared, btu he had trouble "performing" because of ED. We got this for the times he could perform, just to be on the safe side, and it actually helped his ED problems. I know it's not for that, but I wanted to share.

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Author: Anonymouse Dad from FertilAid for Men forum

Thought I was infertile. Took this stuff. Wife got pregnant. HAPPY!!!

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Author: Jaden from Hill Valley, CA

Alright, Im gonna rate this how I see fit here. I'd give this a five, but I need to knock off a star because it took me about a month before my wife of 3 years finally got pregnant with my kid. Trust me, it works, but you gotta just wait. Which I guess you can get busy in the mean time I guess.

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Author: Colt from Texas

This stuff REALLY works. Don't let anyone else fool you. Not only have I been more virile, but I've felt... well.. dare I say, better? It's almost like knowing that Im capable of impregnating my wife drives me to this animalistic feeling. Of which we're expecting a bundle of joy sometime in the next few months.

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Author: Kathy from Indiana

Me and my husband Bill had been trying to conceive for so long. Almost 2 years, and we were left without any help or recourse. But then we tried this, and within several months of my husband taking it, I ended up getting pregnant! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs that bit of extra help.

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