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Author: Raul from Cancun, Mexico

This thing is awesome. Great orgasms, and a bigger volume of sperm, its a madness, I am purchasing another dosis since I really like the effect

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Author: Ron S from NYC

CountBoost helped me to ejaculate a bigger volume, really that is very exciting and impressive.

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Author: Dick from CountBoost forum

Overall, this product is good but it is designed to be taken in conjunction with FertilAid for Men if you have a low sperm count. I am not sure if it helps alone.

Author: Anonymous from CountBoost forum

this actually works alone, too!

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Author: Gerald from Springfield

ITs a fantastic product, even my girlfriend noted the increase in my load, it was incredible, she was surprised.

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Author: Jesse from Sacramanto CA

I think it works, I noticed a samml diferece after one month of taking it. Not bad

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Author: Jeremy from London

Countboost boosuted my load and intensified my orgasm, I am very satisfied

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Author: Jack from Seattle

I tried for years to pregnant my girlfriend, tried several diets, but was countboot that finally worked. I recommend it.

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Author: Karl from Oregon

Didnt work for me, I ama still wating results, maybe I could change my mind later, but I dont think so.

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Author: Andre from New Orleand

First time in my life I came as in adult movies, it was great, very funny. Thanks Countboost

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Author: Rocco from Viriginia

I think it works, but after 1 month there is not a big difference, just I noticed because I know myself, girls didnt notice yet.

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Author: Hugh from Pensylvania

My wife and I always wanted a baby, but just never happened, but after some weeks of using countboost, at least happened. Besides the cool effect of a big load.

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